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We can repair or replace your existing headliner depending on its condition, for more details call or email us.

Convertible Tops

We repair and replace damaged, leaking convertible tops. If your top is giving trouble drop in for a free inspection.

Custom Interiors

We can design and build a custom interior for your vehicle including: door panels, consoles, headliners, seat covers and dashboards. For more details and pricing just give us a call.

Leather Kits

we can replace your seat covers with factory OEM style leather seat covers in a wide selection of colors and patterns, which can be determined by simply giving us a visit. For OEM leather seat covers we use reputable companies like Katzkin, RoadWire,  Pecca leather and Alea leather.  We can also custom fabricate just about any set of covers right here in house.


Seat Repair

We can repair your damaged auto seats including: seat cover, foundation (foam rubber cushion) and support frame .


We design and make custom carpets to fit any vehicle. We also install factory OEM style carpets on most vehicles.

Heater and Massager installations

We can replace your old heaters if they are defective or modify your existing seats for heating and or massage. 

Other Services

This category includes non upholstery related items such as: dashboard and console components, lighting, door components as well as exterior parts. If you have something that falls in this category feel free to call or email us for more information.